Shetland Sheepbreeders List

The Shetlands list was started in July 1998, to meet the needs of Shetland sheepbreeders from around the world. This list is for breeders to discuss issues of special concern to Shetland sheep, such as: breeding, nutrition, health, fleece, wool use, etc., as well as to just enjoy the fellowship of other breeders.

The list is meant to be a friendly place for people to share, and the topics are pretty loose at this time. Chatting is okay. Flaming of any form is strictly prohibited. Because of the diversity of traits found within the breed, differences of opinion are sure to occur and are to be welcomed. Any personal attacks against individuals or groups of individuals will not be tolerated.

Membership to the list is subject to approval and anyone found disregarding the few rules that do exist will be warned and may removed from the list. Any list options, as well as reading the archives, can be done from the Web Interface linked below. This includes subscribing, un-subscribing and setting your mail to digest or individual messages.

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