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This list is for breeders of Shetland sheep to discuss issues of special concern to Shetland sheep, such as: breeding, nutrition, health, fleece, wool use, etc.

A. There is no flaming allowed! This list is for friendly discussion and is not to be used for personal confrontations. Because of the diversity of traits found within the breed, differences of opinion are sure to occur and are to be welcomed, provided they are handled in a friendly non-confrontational manner. This list is not to be used to discuss the policies or politics of any associations. Grievances with association policies are to be handle outside of this list. That is: Take the matter up with your association! Further, any personal flaming off-list because of differences of opinion should not occur and will not be tolerated. Anyone who has a problem with a post from fellow list members is encouraged to let the list moderator know about the problem and he/she will deal with it. Simply send an e-mail stating what has offended you and the moderator will handle it. Please note that there is little tolerance for breaking these rules. Members who repeatedly disregard the rules, will be warned and may subsequently be banned from the list.

B. Please do not quote entire messages but just the "snippet" that you are replying to so others know what you are referring to. Some people have to pay hourly for their Internet access and the long posts quoted unnecessarily take more time to download. This also makes the digest version of the list intolerably long.

C. Do NOT post:
1) any virus warnings, 2) jokes or 3) chain-mail letters to the list

D. No advertising is allowed. Because our membership covers a large geographic area, allowing advertising clutters the list and may not be of interest to all members. You may feel free to put a message with your signature, such as: "Flock Reduction Sale", "Registered Breeding Stock For Sale", etc. Just keep it short and list NO prices.

However, we have two monthly Sale Days. Sales may be posted all day the last Friday of the month and all the following day (Saturday). Sale listings are to be posted without prices. If you include your e-mail address in your signature, readers can respond directly to you for prices, etc. Please include the letters "SSS&T" (Shetland Sheep Sale & Trade) in the subject line of your e-mail. Also in the subject line include the general area where you are located , for example: "near Portland, OR" or "southern  Iowa" or "20 miles from Tucson, AZ".

E. We ask that you not join Grouply with the email address you use on this list. Anyone who chooses to do so will be dropped from the list.

F. Use of posted suggestions is solely at the user's own judgment. No member will be held liable for any advice given publicly.

This list is meant to provide a friendly environment for Shetland enthusiasts and is composed of beginning and experienced breeders alike. We hope everyone posts an intro about themselves so we can all know a little bit about each other. If you would like to be included in our list of members' biographies on this web site, please send your bio (in 200 words or less) plus your name, address or state, phone (if desired), e-mail, and web site URL along with a list of items you sell, to
jkowens at bsn1 dot net. You need not include your phone/fax numbers or street name and should include your state and possibly your city. The biography is the "important" part and what you sell is just a one-line of items. These are not meant to be advertising only.

If you have any suggestions or wish to add anything to this site, let us know.


How to Use the List

A. Posting to the list:

Posting to the list is only available by list members and can be made to the list address at Sending an e-mail message to this address will distribute it to all of its subscribers. Please do not quote entire messages but just the "snippet" that you are replying to so others will know what you are referring to. Also, please change the subject line to reflect what your message is about.

B. Replying to the list:

1. Be careful when replying as all messages go back to the list. If it is a private message, be sure to change the address that the e-mail is going to, or it will be sent to the whole list. For this reason, we ask that you have your e-mail address in your signature line to make it easier for others to write back to you privately. Contact the moderator if you would like assistance with this.

2. When replying to the list, remember to change the subject line to indicate the topic that you are writing about.

C. Handling large quantities of mail:

You can sort your e-mail using "Filters" in most e-mail programs.


Subscribe / Unsubscribe

Subscriptions to this list are subject to approval. This approval is for the safety of the list members, restricting access to Shetland enthusiasts only. A web interface is available which makes working with your list options easier! You can use the web interface to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list. You can also switch your options from mail (receive messages as they are posted) to digest (receive one message containing all the days posts), or to nomail (receive no mail from the list at all - for vacations, etc.)


Contacting the Moderator Directly

Contact one of the moderators if you encounter any difficulties subscribing/unsubscribing. Again, if you have a problem with someone else on this list, please do NOT flame them. Simply send an e-mail stating what has offended you and a moderator will handle it.

Enjoy the list!


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